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About Us

Cathy Billups is inspired by Sandra Mungro's late sister Cathy Billups. Cathy was born with Down Syndrome which is a genetic chromosome 21 disorder causing developmental and intelluctual delays. No matter the delays, no matter the challenges Cathy porved everyone wrong and was a spirit filled with love and compassion. Instantly, this filled Sandra with a love and empathy for people who were different. It was her and Cathy against the world. Cathy even inspired her sister Sandra to join the workforce and help children and adult with mental disabilites, this is what she has contiued to do for 30+ years. When Cathy died, working in the field wasn't enough, she noticed that clients weren't being repsected in her industry, so in Cathy name she created Cathy Billups' Foundation. A foundation dedicated to compassion and senistivy training to correct the faults in her work field. Sandra passed down her love for people to her daughter Alexis who has been Sandra's right hand woman since she was born. Together they have created this foundation, and they have big plans for it in the future. Thank you Cathy. And thank you all for reading and visiting our website.
Meet The Team
  1. Sandra Mungro King
    Founder of Cathy Billups' Foundation. Has worked in the field with mentally disabled children and adults for over 30 years. Currently works as a Direct Service Professional while attending to the foundation and following her dreams as a writer and Supports Broker.
  2. Cathy Billups
    The honoree of the the Foundation. Cathy was born with down-syndrome and chnaged Sandra's life for the better, after she passed away Sandra knew she had to honored in some way. So she built this foundation, to show that compassion rules, because Cathy had the biggest heart of them all.
  3. Alexis King
    Sandra's 16 year-old daughter who was brought on as Director of Development to help shape the foundation. She is entering her last year of high school while continuing to support her mom in her passion which has become Alexis' passion as well. To help people.